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Welcome to Highland Park Residential Electric
Highland Park’s premier residential electrical contractor! We are fully equipped to handle your residential repairs, remodels, new construction, installations, and ongoing maintenance contracts.

Highland Park Residential Electric is a full service residential electrical contractor focused exclusively on residential electrical service and electric repair. We handle residential jobs that are considered too small by most electrical contractors.

If you need an electrician in Highland Park, University Park, Oak Lawn, Northeast Dallas, Lower Greenville or anywhere in between, you have come to the right place to find top quality residential electric services. If you’re looking for an electric contractor that guarantees all their work, give us a call.

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Who is Highland Park Residential Electric?

Highland Park Residential Electric is a full-service residential electric contractor serving Highland Park and the Dallas Ft. Worth Metro!

Highland Park Residential Electric takes great pride in providing outstanding quality and professionalism for electric needs.

Highland Park Residential Electric is a full service residential electrical contractor focused exclusively on residential electrical service, home electrical service and electric repair. We handle residential jobs that are considered too small by most electrical contractors.

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Expert Troubleshooting by our Fully Trained Electricians

Service and Repair
Remodels and Additions
Code Corrections

Our licensed electricians are happy to assist you with any electrical problems or repairs!

Breaker/Electrical Panel Repair
Breaker/Electrical Panel Installation
Breaker/Electrical Panel upgrades
New electric circuits
Grounding Systems
Replace electric wiring
Electric outlet or Switch replacement
Electric Attic Fans
Solar Attic Fans
Ceiling fans
Hot tub and spa electric installation
Electric Car Charging Station
New outlets/GFCI outlets
Electric Breaker or Fuse Replacement
Expert Troubleshooting
Electric Repair
Indoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting
Security Lighting
Home Automation
Emergency electrical contractor
Whole house fans
Solar light tube
installation Surge Protection

More…just give us a call to discuss!

Electrical Services

At Highland Park Residential Electric, we are electrical contractors ready to handle any home electrical or commercial electrical job you may need at your residence. When you work with us, you will benefit from the expertise of qualified electricians for any and all of your electrical needs.

Our team is ready and willing to take on any electrical service or repair job you may have. We are licensed electricians who are experts at service, repair, and troubleshooting. We are ready to fix any problems with electrical systems, including changes, additions, or remodels. Whether your issue is easy to identify or requires more technical troubleshooting, we are here for you.

We believe in delivering high quality results, no matter if you have a small outlet issue or you need to replace or install an entire home automation system. We strive to go above and beyond the minimum standards set by the National Electrical Code as well as customer services expectations to ensure our customers have the best experience possible.

If you need expert electrical services in Highland Park, Tx, give us a call for a free Estimate to see our Competitive Pricing!

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Residential Electric Services in Highland Park

Electrical Service and Repair

Our team of experienced electricians are trained to find and fix any problem that you may be experiencing with your home electrical or commercial electrical system. We stock a wide range of replacement electrical parts and specialty tools to ensure we can repair you problem as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 hours.

We handle the electrical work and stand behind our workmanship. We only use the highest quality electrical materials when working on your home.

Electrical Trouble Shooting

Experiencing Power Outages or electrical problems?

Breakers tripping, or light switches or outlets not working?

A licensed electrician is trained to identify and isolate these problems safely and efficiently. Troubleshooting and solving problems with your electrical systems takes a lot of experience and can be unsafe if you are not familiar with electrical systems.

Poor and faulty or substandard wiring causes countless house fires every year. Although identifying and repairing the problem may look simple, even small mistakes can cause immediate and severe consequences. Shock hazards are inherent to electrical work and can cause serious harm. Don’t take a chance with your electrical systems, call us today.

Electrical Remodel Projects

Looking to remodel your home?

Our crews are experienced in working with all types of remodeling projects. Our professionals can handle everything from a small remodel project to complete home remodeling projects.  

We are versed in kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel projects of all sizes. Whether your vision includes under cabinet lighting, lighting features, or a complete rewire, we can deliver.

Kitchen and bathroom remodel projects may include:

General lighting installations, under cabinet lighting, total rewires, changing counter/appliance layout, recessed lighting, pendant lights, adding circuits, replacement or addition or switches and outlets.

Electrical Addition Projects

When adding square footing to your home, it is important to ensure that all work is done correctly and safely. Highland Park Residential Electric has a great deal of experience working on home addition projects and we know how to do the job right. At a minimum, additions require installing a new circuit, switches, lighting and outlets as well as hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Lighting Projects

Home lighting allow for a wide variety of customization with lighting products that are constantly evolving with the latest styles, trends, and materials. Ceiling lighting features range from in recessed lights, under cabinet, track lights, multisystem lights, lantern, island, pool table, semi-flush mount, flush mount, pendants and chandeliers.

Whatever design vision you have in mind, lighting can help you achieve the aesthetic look and ambiance that you are looking for. Our crews are skilled at lighting installations and repair of lights from many manufacturers. Give us a call to discuss your lighting needs!

Hot Tubs and Spa Wiring

Hot tub and spa installations are a great way to provide a way for you to relax and unwind in your home!

It is critical that your spa be installed correctly to protect against dangerous malfunction and potential electrical shock.

Interested in adding a hot tub or spa to your home? Highland Park Residential Electric is here to help provide you with efficient electrical and wiring solutions. Many times, our crews have seen these installations done incorrectly by the home owner, which can cause serious problems for your entire home electrical systems. Improper installations can cause damage that ends up costing a great deal more if not corrected in time. Our crews make sure the installation is completed correctly the first time and we stand behind all of our work.

Hot tubs and spas often require a dedicated circuit, unless they are 110v, “plug and play,” models. It is critical that the installation of all spas be in accordance with national and local wiring rules. There are numerous code compliance issues that arise in these installations, a great many of which are done incorrectly. If not installed correctly, the issue can cause damage to your electrical systems or even fire or other bodily harm. It is always best to have a professional handle the installation of your hot tub electrical wiring to ensure that everything is completed up to code standards and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Offer FREE estimates on electrical work?

YES! We always offer FREE estimates!

We understand that customers prefer to have an accurate quote prior to moving forward with any electrical repairs to be done. We do the best we can with identifying your issues on the phone, however, phone quotes are subject to change depending on what is found upon arrival.

We prefer to show up and troubleshoot your electrical problems in person so you will understand the complexity of the problem and the work that will be done for the repair. In this way, you will know exactly what is required and understand the cost associated with the repair.

What is the difference between a regular circuit breaker and an Arc Fault breaker?


Breakers are specifically designed to prevent electrical circuit overload. That means that breakers are designed to turn off automatically if there is too much load on the circuit or if a short circuit appears. In the case of Arc Fault breakers, they have the ability to sense and “arc” in a circuit and turn off automatically. The ability to sense the arc in a circuit is important because an arc may be caused by damaged conductors and represents a severe fire hazard. A regular circuit breaker may not sense and arc and will therefore not always “trip the breaker.”


How much does it cost to change my fuse panel?

We provide you with a quote to complete the work at no charge. To provide an accurate quote, we need to take a look at the panel because there are many variables that affect the cost to change a fuse panel. For example, the location of the fuse panel, along with the feeder cable are important factors. It may also be possible to repair your existing panel as opposed to replacing it, which can affect the price a great deal.

Call for an appointment and we can get you a quote!

What is Whole Home Surge Protection and do I need it?

As time goes by, we are more and more attached to all of our electronic devices. From TVs, to phones, and speakers, to all types of appliances, we are dependent upon these things in our daily lives. With all of these electronics, we need the ability to charge them constantly. Whole Home Surge Protection protect your valuable electronics against spikes and surges in electricity caused by factors outside of your own electric system and on the grid. Whole Home Surge Protection protects all electronics in the home instead of just the ones you plug in to an independent surge protector. This provides protection for kitchen appliances, laundry machines, and other electronics that would not normally be plugged into a surge protector.

Can’t I do this myself as a DIY project?

Electrical can usually done by a homeowner if they have permits and inspections. However, you should always consider the safety or you and your family, before you decide to do any electrical work yourself. Electricians are trained professionals who understand the risks of working with electricity, but can also minimize the possibility that any accident will occur. We recommend calling a professional.