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Installing An Electric Car Charger 

Transitioning to an electric car?

The Tesla models are amazing and there are many other awesome models to choose from and many more on the way. These days, it seems like Highland Park has so many Teslas driving around and the demand for car chargers is growing all the time. 

Once you make the decision to get an electric car, you will definitely want to get a car charger in your home. Having a high-quality charger in your home will give you the opportunity to top your car off anytime you are home so you can get the maximum benefit from using your electric car. 

Most people aren’t aware that there are actually three types of electric car charging stations for homes and they are not created equal. 

Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger

Level 1 EV chargers are usually included with your electric vehicle. Level 1 chargers will not require any special installation because they plug directly into a standard 120 volt wall outlet. These Level 1 chargers do not require any additional modifications or costs of installation. They are the simple and easy way to charge your electric vehicle. The drawback of a Level 1 charger is that it can take a very long time to charge your electric vehicle. If you own a Tesla and the battery is drained, it can take days to re-charge fully with a Level 1 charger.

Tesla Car Charger
Tesla Car Charger

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

Level 2 EV chargers are a significant improvement over Level 1 because they utilize 240 volts of electricity. With 240 volts, charge time will decrease significantly. Just how much time will depend on the specific vehicle. The drawback to Level 2 chargers is that they require installation by a licensed electrician because the electrician will need to run the 240 volt wiring to the location where the car charger will be located. This could be your garage, detached garage, carport, etc. 

The 240 volt wiring is commonly used for larger appliances in your home. Therefore, the electrician will need to run the wiring from your breaker box to the charging location. In some cases, we may need to replace your breaker panel if it is not compatible with the car charging unit. 

Once we run the wiring, the charging unit acts as the interface for your electric vehicle and allows you to safely plug your car into the 240 volt circuit. Installing a Level 2 charger requires a great deal of expertise in electricity and experience with car charging units is particularly helpful as well. 

There may be local building codes, permits and inspections to take into consideration, so this is not a great option to do it yourself. If you make a mistake, you can cause significant damage to your home electrical system or your car. The 240 volt circuit also carries a real risk of electric shock and potentially even electrocution. 

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation

  • Find best location to place charger
  • Hire licensed electrician to run 240 volt 
  • Install car charger
    EvoCharge Level 2 EV Charger
    EvoCharge Level 2 EV Charger

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger

Level 3 charging stations are sometimes called DC Fast Chargers. These chargers are mostly used in commercial and industrial settings, so they can be extremely expensive and will almost always require special equipment to operate. These “fast chargers” and NOT intended for home use. 

Level 3 chargers are known to deliver a significant charge in less than an hour. Tesla uses these units at their own changing stations if that tells you anything. You also need to be aware that not all Level 3 chargers are compatible with every electric vehicle model. Check with your manufacturer prior to using a Level 3 charger. 

Are you planning on purchasing an electric vehicle? 

Do you already have and electric vehicle and would like to install a Level 2 electric vehicle charger? 

Give Highland Park Residential Electric a call. As the Dallas Metro area continues to expand, saving on gas makes a lot of sense. Electric vehicles are a great option and we are here to help you by installing your electric vehicle charger professionally and safely.

Call today for a quick quote on installing your electric vehicle charger. We can even help you find the best unit to suit your needs.

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